Well we are dealing with high water on the Little Red with 2 units running 24hrs. We expect this pattern to continue through the weekend and through the first part of next week unless we receive heavy amounts of rain tomorrow night (Thursday). If we receive heavy rain, we expect they will back down some on generation in fear of flooding downstream. High water in the early spring is not anything new for us…it happens almost every year. When the river is not blown out with two generators in the spring, the fishing is normally fantastic with lots of hatches and hungry trout. When it is blown out, it just makes things challenging trying to schedule and/or reschedule trips for better water conditions. Can you fish on two units? Short answer is yes, but we try not to. The danger factor for being on the water increases immensely on two units and your catch rates drop significantly. Some will use powerbait/worms and very heavy sinkers to catch fish on high water, but we only use Trout Magnets and flies. However, if we have experienced anglers fishing, we will venture out to fish. The best option in high water is fishing streamers with sink tip line pounding the banks and slack water. We can also use weighted nymphs and Trout Magnets with long leaders (8-9ft) working pocket water and areas where the current is not as strong. Yesterday we ventured out and picked up a few fish, but if you are looking for numbers, high water is not the time to be out fishing. If we get heavy rain, check the COE and SWPA websites…we could possibly get a break in the heavy generation and have some decent water to fish over the weekend. If you go out…be safe and pay attention. Always check before heading to the Little Red River by calling the Greers Ferry Lake Powerhouse recording or check the Corp of Engineers website for real time water release and the Southwest Power Administration forecasted generation schedule.