Testimonials from Customers

Had a GREAT fishing trip with Lowell! He went out of his way to accommodate my last-minute request to go fishing, and we had a great time visiting and catching fish on a morning when the water and weather weren’t as accommodating as my talented guide. If you’re thinking about a guided trip on the Little Red, these are the folks to choose. Thanks, Lowell!


I have never had a slow trip on the Red River with the “SoreLip’Em All” team. We have not only caught fish but had a great time kidding each other and just laughing. I still want to come over when the Brown’s are hitting to really catch some big ones on the Trout Magnet. I’m looking forward to the next trip and every one after that.



The last time my husband and I went out with Lowell, it wasn’t a good day for me. My timing was off and
I couldn’t seem to hook anything, although the fish were certainly giving me the opportunity. But Lowell
was more than patient, gave me pointers along the way, and gave me a goal of 10. We finally hit the
mark and he said OK, let’s go for 15! Well, it was very slow going, but at one point he said “we’re staying
out until you catch 15”. And I did! If you are a novice and looking for someone who is patient and willing
to work with you, Lowell Myers is your guy.



Our men’s group at church started a yearly trip to the Little Red more than five years ago. Since we are traveling from Huntsville, Alabama, we need to plan far in advance and can’t wait until there are perfect river conditions to fish. Because of this we have encountered a wide range of river conditions–from very low to very high and muddy–but Lowell and his guides always put us on the fish. No one knows the river better than they do and it keeps us coming back year after year.



The three things I like best about using the Trout Magnet are:

It works…..you will catch fish when nothing else will.

Easy release…….fish are always hooked on the outside of their lip meaning limited stress on the fish

Cork action…..I LOVE watching the cork go under (reminds me of catching bream as a kid)…….

I love the Trout Magnet because ACTION is my ATTRACTION.

Steve WILD MAN Wilson

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Our time on the river with you was so special. We continue to talk about how much fun we had and the crazy number of trout we caught. Thank you for your tips and for being so willing to take us out.

Travis and Teal


I have fished with many guides both in the U.S. and other countries and Jeff and Lowell are both right at the top of my list.

Everything about Sore Lip Em All Guide Service is First Class, from the boat, to the equipment, to the help and knowledge you receive. You will not be disappointed.

From first time angler to seasoned veteran, Jeff and Lowell are more than capable of ensuring you have
a safe and fun day on the Little Red.



Fishing the Little Red with Sore Lip’Em All is a wonderful experience for catching LOTS of fish and learning a lot also. Not only does Lowell know where the fish are and put you on the fish, but he teaches you techniques that enable you to use the Trout Magnet products anywhere you fish. Lowell is great to work with and I have had a great experience every time I have used Trout Magnet’s Sore Lip’Em All guide services. I always go home knowing that I am a better fisherman than before the trip!



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