The Little Red continues to receive one unit of generation basically 24hrs a day. Greers Ferry Lake is right at three feet above top conservation pool level of 462.04 feet. Over the past few days the lake has dropped steadily from warm sunny days, wind and no rain. If we can dodge any significant rain over the next week, we should see a normal generation pattern soon. Until then, if you are fly fishing or using the Trout Magnet you will need to fish deep. I will have a blog post soon on how to rig up to fish high water sucessfully. Streamers, hares ear, san juan worms and sowbugs continue to work well for fly fishermen. Trout Magnet colors are hot pink and purple bodies on chartreuse and gold Trout Magnet jig heads. Always check before heading to the Little Red River by calling the Greers Ferry Lake Powerhouse recording or check the Corps of Engineers website for real time water release and the Southwest Power Administration forecasted generation schedule.