Corps of Engineers started running two units today. It appears they will run them from 6AM through early evening daily. With this pattern, we should have fishable water mid river during the morning until the generation pushes in. It is raining hard here on the Little Red this evening, so expect a muddy river for a couple of days until the runoff is gone from the creeks and drainage areas. This generation pattern will allow for good drift fishing from a boat, but will not be conducive to wading. Streamers, hares ear, san juan worms and midges continue to work well for fly fishermen. Trout Magnet colors continue to be hot pink body on chartreuse and gold Trout Magnet jig heads. Always check before heading to the Little Red River by calling the Greers Ferry Lake Powerhouse recording or check the Corps of Engineers website for real time water release and the Southwest Power Administration forecasted generation schedule.