For several years a small group of us have been working on creating a nonprofit foundation for the Little Red River.  Finally, the Little Red River Foundation has obtained its 501(3) (c) status and a working webpage.  The Little Red River Foundation is not intended to compete with Trout Unlimited or any other conservation groups.  Our goal is to work along with other groups, governmental agencies and private individuals to preserve and improve the Little Red River.  We hope you will take time to look at the website and then join as a member.

The Little Red River is a treasure for trout fisherman, paddlers and nature lovers. The Little Red River Foundation (LRRF) is dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing the River’s natural beauty and resources while improving the overall fishing experience.  The Little Red River Foundation will serve a as voice for those who love the Little Red and will work with federal and state officials as well as local stakeholders, river users and homeowners to encourage enhancement and preservation.  The Little Red River is an economic engine for the region creating jobs and bringing tourism tax dollars to the local communities. To grow the LRRF into a strong authoritative voice, we need your financial support.  Your contribution will support preservation programs, research and in time hire staff that will seek grants and corporate sponsorships to sustain the organization long term.  Please consider making a contribution of $25, $250 or $500.  A $500 contribution will establish you as a Trophy/Founding Member of the LRRF.  We’ll send you a vehicle decal with the Founding Member insignia to proudly display.  All members will receive a vehicle decal or similar item that indicates your support of the foundation.

The Little Red River Foundation is exempt from federal income tax under section 501 C 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the organization are tax deductible under section 170 of the IRS code.


To make a donation and learn more about the Little Red River Foundation please click on the link to our  website: